Team Commission Plan

The SmartPointe Simple Plan

SSP 75/25

Always 75/25 Commission Split, No Fees Ever, and No Upfront Cost

Take control of your career and choose the SmartPointe Simple Plan, where the commission split is always 75/25. Also, at SmartPointe Real Estate we don’t believe in team members paying the company to be a member. Also, there’s no startup cost.

That’s why there will never be any desk fees, monthly fees, sign fees, or card fees. SmartPointe will go above and beyond to support all of the team members by covering as many expenses as possible.

100% Commission after $20K CAP is reached

All team members will enjoy 100% of their commission after $20,000 in commission is reached.

Here are the highlights of what is include with your team membership:

  • • FREE Signs, Business Cards, Email
  • • Lead Generation
  • • Onsite Office Administrator
  • • Hoteling Office Space Available
    • • Equipped Office with Desk, Phone, Laser Color Printing, Stocked Kitchen
  • • CRM Fees Included
  • • Mentor & Training Provided
  • • E&O Insurance


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